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Our incredible team is comprised of passionate performers and educators, with diverse backgrounds and shared enthusiasm for the performing arts, who naturally create an inclusive, welcoming and vibrant environment that nurtures and inspires the next generation of stars!

Jacqui Robinson


Meet Jacqui Robinson, the creative force behind Broadway Bootcamp LLC. Since its inception in 2010, Jacqui has been on a delightful mission of sharing her boundless love for musical theatre with countless students across West Michigan. But her passion extends beyond Broadway Bootcamp – Jacqui is also a dedicated instructor of acting, dance, and yoga classes for children from preschool to 12th grade.

With a BA in Elementary Education and a keen focus on English, as well as a minor in Theatre from Grand Valley State University, Jacqui brings a perfect blend of educational prowess and theatrical expertise to her teaching endeavors. Her journey didn't stop there. After graduating, Jacqui found herself as a Cast Member at the renowned Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, captivating audiences with her performances. Her hunger for knowledge and international experiences then led her to the United Kingdom, where she pursued and earned her MA in Theatre for Young Audiences from Bath Spa University. It was during this transformative time that Jacqui conceived the captivating concept of Broadway Babies, which became the highlight of her MA thesis.

As fate would have it, Jacqui's journey in life also included becoming a proud mother to her son, Drew, with another little one on the way this summer. These precious milestones have only deepened her dedication to offering Broadway Babies regularly, allowing other children to experience the magic she holds so dear.

When Jacqui isn't lighting up the stage with her infectious enthusiasm, she lends her talents as an adjunct instructor in the Arts and Humanities Department at Muskegon Community College. As if her plate wasn't full enough, Jacqui also serves as the Director of Theater Arts for Muskegon Catholic Central, nurturing young talent and guiding them toward their artistic dreams.

Jacqui's unwavering commitment and remarkable contributions have earned her the distinction of being a member of The Future 15, a prestigious award program by the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce. This recognition celebrates her outstanding achievements and her exceptional service to both her workplace and the community at large.

Broadway Bootcamp LLC is incredibly fortunate to have Jacqui Robinson at its helm, inspiring and empowering young performers to find their voices on and off the stage. Her educational background, unwavering passion, and dedication to artistic growth make her a true leader in the industry and a beacon of inspiration to all who have the pleasure of working with her.

Kim Sorenson

Mature Model

Operations Manager

"Miss Kim" is a true theater aficionado with a deep passion for the performing arts. With an extensive background in singing, acting, and dancing, Kim brings a wealth of experience and talent to Broadway Bootcamp.

Kim's performance resume includes many credits in various theaters, companies and a large variety of roles. Her love for musical theatre started as a child and grew up dreaming of performing on the beautiful Frauenthal Theatre in Downtown, Muskegon. She has had the incredible opportunity to fulfill that childhood dream not only once but many times!  Her favorite credits include Tracy Turnblad in "Hairspray," Paulette Bonafonte in "Legally Blonde," and The Mute in "The Fantasticks" as well as many more!

Beyond her captivating performances, Kim has also excelled behind the scenes as a director, acting coach, assistant director, stage manager, choreographer, and makeup artist. Her most notable productions she directed include "High School Musical" "James and the Giant Peach" and "The Little Mermaid."  

Starting back in 2017 as one of the first Bootcamp and Babies instructors, Kim has been a part of the growth and development of Broadway Bootcamp over the years. In the fall of 2022 Kim began serving as our Operations Manager for the company to better utilize all of her various theatrical, management and artistic skills and talents.

When she is not behind the computer screen creating content for us you will catch her overseeing each of the summer camps, supporting staff and students, or directing our one-week "Presents..." musicals this summer.  

With Kim's remarkable talent, extensive experience, passion for the performing arts and gift of nurturing young talent she continues to inspire and empower the next generation of theater enthusiasts at Broadway Bootcamp.



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