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The original workshop that started it all, Broadway Bootcamp, has been loved by children of all ages for 15 years! 

Give your child the gift of a lifetime with Broadway Bootcamp

the ultimate musical theatre experience!

Watch as your child's confidence soars and their creativity takes center stage. At Broadway Bootcamp, we believe every child has a star inside them waiting to shine. Our program is designed to nurture their talents and help them grow into confident performers. From acting to singing and dancing, your child will learn the essentials of musical theatre and bring famous Broadway scenes and songs to life but the benefits don't stop there!


By joining Broadway Bootcamp, your child will:

Boost self-esteem: Watch them blossom as they conquer the stage, gaining confidence and self-belief with every performance.

Unleash their creativity: Let their imagination run wild as they explore their unique talents and express themselves through the magic of theatre.

Forge friendships: They'll join a supportive community of young performers, collaborating, sharing, and growing together.

Learn how to practice: With the goal of learning and performing in just one week, students learn to prioritize practice at home, manage rehearsal time effectively, and work diligently to achieve their performance goals.

Overcome challenges: Our bootcamp will teach them resilience, determination, and the ability to overcome obstacles with grace.

Appreciate Theatre Traditions: Through this incredible journey, they'll cultivate a deep appreciation for the performing arts that will stay with them forever.


Our only requirements we have for our classes is to wear comfortable clothing, closed-toed tennis shoes, and to bring a water bottle. 

Class sizes are limited, we recommend registering as soon as possible to guarantee your spot!

Give your child the opportunity to shine bright like a Broadway star! Enroll them in Broadway Bootcamp today and witness their transformation into a confident, expressive, and passionate performer. Sign up now and let their dreams take center stage!

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