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Choreography Class
Young Dancers

Calling All Aspiring Stars!

Is your teen passionate about musical theater? Do they dream of taking the stage like their Broadway idols? Look no further! Join our extraordinary Broadway Bootcamp 2.0 and let your child's talent shine like never before! Here's why this incredible opportunity is not to be missed:

Elevate skills: Designed for grades 6-12, this intensive workshop takes young performers to the next level, regardless of their stage experience.

Dive into modern musicals: Your student will explore age-appropriate scenes and songs from more contemporary shows, igniting their creativity and showcasing their versatility.

Experience the thrill: With a fast-paced, high-energy curriculum, students will learn to mesmerize audiences and gain the confidence to shine on stage.

Multiple performance opportunities: Solo, duet and small group featured moments, scenes and songs available for showcase in our Friday performance! These are never required for participation but always encouraged.  

Forge friendships: They'll join a supportive community of young performers, collaborating, sharing, and growing together.

Exclusive class size: Our limited class size ensures personalized attention from instructors and fosters teamwork and encouragement amongst peer performers. 

Expert guidance: Our team of experienced instructors nurtures each student's unique potential, making sure they feel confident and at ease from the start of day one to the final bow. 

Give your child the gift of a lifetime - an experience that will unlock their true potential and forge unforgettable memories. Sign up now for Broadway Bootcamp 2.0 and witness your teen's star power shine brighter than ever before!

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